Safeguarding IT against the next Katrina
Source: CNET News - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Security IT managers nationwide should take a cue from Hurricane Katrina's destructive power and develop disaster-recovery plans to safeguard their computer systems against catastrophe, security experts advise.

"For people in New Orleans and Mississippi, it's too late to begin disaster recovery plans. But this hurricane will probably rattle others up and get them thinking about their own disaster recovery," said Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer for security training and research company Sans Institute.

To make the best use of disaster-recovery plans, businesses not only need to take time to develop the plans but also test them before a catastrophe, said Ullrich, whose company re-released a list of preparation tips to consider when faced with a hurricane.

Companies should conduct a full system backup four days before the expected arrival of a storm and have the data shipped off-site and out of harm's way. Subsequent, incremental backups should also be sent off-site, Sans advised. And, if possible, a final full system backup should be conducted just before the storm's arrival, with the data retained locally.

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