Storage Security Basics: Confidentiality and Integrity
Source: Enterprise Storage Forum - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Server Security In the first part of our Storage Security Basics series, we looked at authentication, authorization, accountability and access control. In this installment, we examine confidentiality and integrity. If you manage a storage network, one of your primary goals is to ensure that the data is secure. As the administrator, the confidentiality and integrity of information is your responsibility. (Data confidentiality refers to the process of encrypting information to prevent it from being read by users who weren't intended to have access to it. Data integrity means that information has not been changed or modified during transit.)

When it comes to designing a data security strategy, you need to consider where the data is located. For example, is it on the LAN/WAN, SAN or even located on the tape backup set? The location of data will often determine the type of processes and measures you use to secure that information. In this Storage Basics article, we'll explore how the concepts of confidentiality and integrity are applied in each of these areas.

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