Key bugs in core Linux code squashed
Source: ZDNet India - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Server Security Serious security bugs in key parts of the latest Linux code have been fixed, but some small glitches have been introduced, according to a recent scan. In December, Coverity looked at version 2.6.9 of the Linux kernel, the heart of the open-source operating system, and found six critical defects in the core file system and networking code. In July, the code analysis company scanned the latest version of the Linux kernel, version 2.6.12, and found no such programming errors, Coverity CEO Seth Hallem said.

However, 1,008 defects were discovered in other parts of version 2.6.12. These coding problems, which could indicate security flaws, rest mainly in drivers, Hallem said. That's a slight increase compared with the earlier analysis, when 985 total defects were found, according to San Francisco-based Coverity.

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