Cyber-criminals turn to extortion and fraud
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Security Governments, financial services firms and manufacturing companies are now the top targets for security attacks, according to research published today by IBM. The first half of this year has seen a whopping 50 per cent increase in what Big Blue calls "customised" attacks.

IBM's monthly Global Security Index reported that "for profit" attacks have been predominantly directed at government agencies, financial services companies, healthcare organisations and large multinationals particularly in the aerospace, petroleum and manufacturing industries.

The report said that there were more than 237 million security attacks in the first half of the year. Governments were the most targeted sector, with more than 54 million attacks, while manufacturing ranked second with 36 million, financial services third with 34 million, and healthcare fourth with more than 17 million.

IBM reported a resurgence of targeted phishing attacks for money laundering and identity fraud purposes, believed to be largely driven by criminal gangs that have become more astute in the creation and delivery of such attacks.

There were more than 35 million phishing attacks launched to steal critical data and personal information for financial gain.

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