The Threat From Within
Source: Network Magazine - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Wireless Security Malicious insiders represent today's toughest challenge for security architects. Traditional database security tools such as encryption and access controls are rendered useless by a trusted employee who has--or can easily obtain--the right credentials. In addition, more users in the enterprise are getting database access, including DBAs, application developers, software engineers, and even marketing, HR, and customer support representatives. And whether spurred by revenge or tempted by easy money, insiders can sell their booty on a bustling information black market.

At the same time, enterprises are under increasing regulatory and market pressure to protect sensitive information. Thanks to recent laws, businesses are often compelled to report database breaches or information loss. The resulting public relations disaster can destroy customer trust, invoke government and industry fines, cause stock prices to plummet, and bring class-action litigators running. The bottom line? Enterprises that don't address the insider threat may find themselves strung up on the twin gallows of regulatory penalties and customer outrage.

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