Paying for Flaws: Undermining Security or Rewarding Good Deeds?
Source: eWeek - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Security 3Com Corp.'s announcement that its Tipping Point division would start paying for the rights to security flaw information found by private researchers has reignited an old debate: Should underground hackers benefit from breaking into software systems?

Tipping Point's new ZDI (Zero Day Initiative), which will take center stage at the Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas later this week, effectively validates the market for rewarding members of the digital underground, but Internet security experts argue that the practice undermines the principle of responsibly reporting vulnerabilities directly to software vendors.

For many, the business of finding software vulnerabilities should never be a for-profit exercise.

"People should never be rewarded for breaking into software and finding weaknesses. They should do it out of a need to create a more secure environment for everyone," said one researcher, who declined to be identified.

"The more we see these companies throwing money at underground hackers, the more it creates an unstable environment where the software vendor will be held to ransom."

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