Review: GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 6
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Network Security This is a review of the new release of LANguard Network Security Scanner (GFI LANguard NSS) from GFI. NSS will scan computers for known vulnerabilities and common misconfigurations and other potential security issues. It produces reports that can be used to assist in the tracking and mitigation of security issues that have been identified. Furthermore, NSS provides patch management capabilities that allow you to centrally download and push out patches to systems with identified vulnerabilities.

Some key features of NSS are:

  • The identification of rogue services and open TCP and UDP ports.
  • Detects known CGI, DNS, FTP, Mail, RPC and other vulnerabilities.
  • Detects Open shares and lists who has access to these shares together with their permissions.
  • Enumeration of users, services, etc.

A complete list of features can be found in the product manual. My intention with this review is to see just how easily one can begin using this product – without reading the manual. This is the point-and-click world, and frankly, if you can't just pick up a product and start using it, then the interface probably needs some improvement.

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