Open authentication initiative gaining ground
Source: IT Manager's Journal - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Security Backers of open standards-based interoperable authentication technologies are happy to report growing membership in the authentication initiative known as OATH, which released its OATH Reference Architecture Version 1.0 specification for cross-device authentication in May. Now they're working to convince more organizations, many of which are reportedly unaware of the option, to go beyond disparate, proprietary standards or one-word passwords.

OATH officials said there is a growing realization of authentication's importance, as well as the ease and lower cost of deploying such measures when they are based on common, open standards. However, enterprise users are also surprised that they even have the option of a variety of vendors all aligned on open standards, according to OATH officials.

"Many people we talk to are unaware they had a choice," said Wally Kowal, OATH marketing team member and vice president of marketing for mobile security company Diversinet. He described an enterprise IT market that was largely lacking authentication, citing cost and misconception as the main reasons. Kowal said customers are amazed to find out that by using a product that is OATH-certified, they are not locked in to a single vendor or solution. (OATH is a vendor initiative, not certified by any independent standards body.)

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