ISPs versus the zombies
Source: CNET News - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Security In the next few months, ISPs in the United States will begin receiving reports on the zombies, or PCs open to control by hackers, that lurk on their networks. The data will be sent out by the Federal Trade Commission, which said in May that zombies have become such a serious problem that more industry action is required.

Analysts said that if service providers resist the call and take a hands-off approach, people could lose their trust in online activity--and the consequences of that could be severe.

"The Internet would eventually grind to a halt," said Paul Stamp, an analyst with Forrester Research.

Given the growth of zombie-fed threats such as phishing, ISPs can no longer afford to leave the task of securing users' PCs to the consumers themselves, critics say. But taking more responsibility to protect Internet traffic would mean monitoring activity on their networks more closely--a move that has implications for customer privacy and for their bottom line.

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