Last Chance to Stop Renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act!
Source: EFF - Posted by Ryan W. Maple   
Privacy Congress will vote any day now on new legislation that would renew parts of the USA PATRIOT Act scheduled to expire or "sunset" at the end of the year, while possibly handing the FBI even more unchecked power to snoop on your mail and private records, including logs of your Internet activities.

PATRIOT's notorious Section 215 allows intelligence investigators to demand private records about citizens who aren't suspected of spying or terrorism, including medical, financial, and library records, while other parts of PATRIOT radically expanded the government's power to subpoena records or conduct wiretaps to see what you're doing online.

The current PATRIOT bills could make these and a host of other highly controversial provisions permanent. Some in the Senate want to go even further, and allow the FBI to secretly demand any and all types of records without a judge's permission, using new do-it-yourself "administrative subpoenas." Meanwhile, the sensible checks and balances proposed in the Security and Freedom Ensured Act (SAFE), an alternative PATRIOT reform bill, have yet to be seriously considered.

Don't let Congress defy the bipartisan will of the hundreds of local communities that have passed resolutions opposing the PATRIOT Act. Contact your legislators today and tell them to vote against PATRIOT renewal and for PATRIOT reform!

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