OSSEC Host-Based IDS v0.1 released
Posted by Daniel Cid   
Intrusion Detection OSSEC HIDS is a self-contained system for Host-based intrusion detection. It performs log extraction, integrity checking and health monitoring. All this information is correlated and analyzed by a single engine, creating a very powerfull detection tool.

As an HIDS, agents need to be installed on every server/system to be monitored. On each of these systems, the OSSEC HIDS agent will collect every log generated (in real time), perform integrity checking and health monitoring. These information will be encoded, encrypted and sent to the OSSEC HIDS analysis server.

On the OSSEC HIDS analysis server, these events will be compared against a set of "analysis rules", checked using the "FTS" detection and using a statistical analysis. The analysis server can also receive syslog messages remotely (UDP 514) and analyze Snort, Barnyard and Apache logs (for better correlation).

To Download: http://www.ossec.net/hids/files/ossec-hids-0.1.tar.gz

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