Does OS matter anymore for security?
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Host Security Whenever I've touched on the sensitive topic of Linux vs. Windows or Apache vs. Microsoft IIS security, I expected the usual flame treatment and nasty name calling to fly. It's usually taken as gospel in many IT circles to assume that Windows Security is an oxymoron; anyone who dares to suggest using Microsoft IIS 6.0 for a public web server faces serious ridicule. To see if there was any truth to this presumption that Windows Server is fundamentally insecure, I looked up these hacking statistics from for 2003 to 2004. Not only did it not show that Windows was hacked more often, but just the opposite. The Linux servers were actually getting hacked and defaced far more often than the Windows server and Apache was also being hacked and defaced more than Microsoft IIS.

While most security research comparing various operating systems and applications focus on statistics for the number of vulnerabilities and their criticality, zone-h takes a completely different approach by looking at actual server compromises. Even more significant is that these are not theoretical hacks in the laboratory but actual website defacements that were confirmed by the public. Zone-h is essentially a centralized "score board" for hackers who want bragging rights for their handy work. While the source of the data is highly despicable, there is no denying the value of such data being collected regardless of the source because of its accuracy.

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