Open source 'not big' in SMEs
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Security Open source software has not made a big impact in small to medium enterprises (SMEs), according to a report by research firm BMI-TechKnowledge – “SME IT End-User Trends and Market Forecast?. BMI-T analyst Astrid Hamilton says 74% of the 165 respondents indicated they were not currently considering the use of open source software (OSS). Fifteen percent of respondents said they were using OSS, while 11% said they were considering using it.

The picture is very different among corporates, as indicated in another BMI-T report, “SA Corporate IT User Trends 2005?. Fifty-one percent of the 165 respondents in the corporate sector said they were not considering using OSS. Thirty-one percent were using OSS, while 18% were considering it.

However, analyst Roy Blume says it may be that some of the respondents in the SME sector might not be aware that they are in fact using open source, since many people equate open source software only with Linux, not realising they may be using open source e-mail or security software, for example.

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