Hackers unleash industrial spy Trojan
Source: vnunet - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Hacks/Cracks IT security experts have detected a malware-based hack attack that attempts to gain unauthorised access to the networks of specifically targeted domains.

Security firm MessageLabs, which discovered the attack, explained that the Trojan targets only a small number of email addresses - 17 in this case - rather than mass mailing itself to as many recipients as possible.

The infected emails were transmitted to a highly targeted list of recipients at only four domains, suggesting that the hackers were using the malware for industrial espionage.

The attack is designed to exploit a vulnerability in Microsoft Word caused by a buffer overflow when handling macro names. A Word document containing a long macro name overflows a buffer allowing the embedded Trojan to execute (see Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-050).

Utilising text content potentially relevant to the target audience, the email encourages the recipients to open an attached Word document claiming to provide further information.

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