Virtual Private Servers Virtualize the OS
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Security In today's never-ending crusade to reduce IT costs, various techniques are used to squeeze every drop of computing power out of servers. One popular technique is consolidation. Through consolidation, under used servers are subdivided into smaller, more usable pieces. And with these pieces, you generally achieve greater server performance overall. Often, it completely eliminates the need for some of the physical servers.

A variety of subdivision methods exist and they take many forms -- from the physical partitioning of big iron servers to various software techniques such as virtual machines (VMs). We covered popular VMs such as VMware Inc.'s GSX Server and ESX Server and Microsoft's Virtual Server 2005 in previous articles.

SWsoft Inc.'s Virtuozzo is an entirely different take. It virtualizes the OS -- either Windows or Linux -- into multiple virtual private servers (VPSs). Whereas hardware partitioning was born largely from the need to contain hardware faults, VMs were born from the need for finer-grained subdivisions and increased efficiency. VPSs (sometimes called containers) continue this trend, providing even finer-grained and lower-overhead subdivisions.

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