Linux vs. Windows: Analysts question assumptions about security, TCO
Source: SecuritySearch - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Server Security Both Linux and Windows are here to stay. The decision to deploy a Linux or a Windows server should be based on a careful evaluation of both technical and business needs. For smaller companies with in-house Windows skills, moving to Linux or implementing Linux alongside Windows could cause more headaches and staff issues than value. For larger companies with sufficient staff and training budgets, implementing Linux-based servers may prove cost-effective in the long-term.

An important consideration for any Linux implementation is the availability of support, documentation, and third-party conversion and interoperability tools. Without these, firms face increased costs and exposure to increased downtime as staff struggle to find fixes and solutions. It is also important to remember that creating a more secure Linux environment will probably involve the purchase of third-party security products to augment Linux's security features. And if Linux is being installed with existing Windows servers, third-party integration tools also may be required.

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