Denial of Service Attacks
Source: LinuxExposed - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Network Security DoS attacks are not unique to the digital world. They existed many years before anything digital was created. For example, someone sticking a piece of chewing gum into the coin slot of a vending machine prevents thirsty people from using the machine to fetch a refreshing drink. In the digital world, DoS attacks can be acts of vandalism, too. They are performed for fun, pleasure, or even financial gain. In general, DoS attacks are a tough problem to solve because the Internet was designed on a principle that everyone plays by the rules. In this article we will describe the network based DOS.

Sometimes, a less obvious resource is targeted. Many applications have fixed length internal structures and if an attacker can find a way to populate all of them quickly, the application can become unresponsive. A good example is the maximum number of Apache processes that can exist at any one time. Once the maximum is reached, new clients will be queued and not served.

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hoe to sdtop DoS attacks using iptables

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