Book Review: "Apache Security" By O'Reilly
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Documentation I've just completed my review on "Apache Security" by O'Reilly."This book was written by Ivan Ristic, the author of the popular Apache web application firewall module mod_security. Naturally this book does discuss how to use mod_security to harden your system, but I'm happy to report it isn't his main area of focus. One of the first things that I do while reviewing a book is to find all the things that the text doesn't cover that it *really* should have and point them out in my review. Simply put this book has everything, and I do mean everything. Here's the low down on a per chapter basis."

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This brief chapter discusses common security terminology and concepts, and touches on Web Application Architecture and how apache handles it. This chapter also includes a useful Apache Hardening Matrix outlining the various security measures that should be turned on depending on your stage of deployment.

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