Integrating and securing Linux without a silver bullet
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Server Security The difficulty in integrating Linux with legacy systems and securing IT systems are two of IT managers' most common complaints about Linux, says Peter Harrison, who canvassed many IT pros while writing The Linux Quick Fix Notebook, a new book from Prentice Hall PTR. In this tip, Harrison doesn't offer a quick fix, but he does offer sage advice about security and integration.

There is no silver bullet for security. The threats are as dynamic as the technologies upon which they prey. A systemic approach to security should always be considered.

I suggest regular security audits and the enforcement of their recommendations as the most important security tool. Software always needs to be patched; passwords need to be rotated; only pre-defined servers should be allowed to communicate with each another using specific protocols. Unauthorized wireless access points need to be detected; user access rights and controls need to be periodically reassessed. E-mail needs to be consistently scanned and intrusion detection and prevention systems need to be monitored.

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