Secure Mac and Linux authentication
Source: IT World - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Server Security CryptoCard (.com) makes a variety of secure authentication and ID management tools, and they just released support for OS X Tiger (they already did Panther). For the rest of you PC alternative fans, Linux support includes Red Hat, SuSE, and an easy compile option for Debian.

Clients with CryptoCard use either a software token, a PIN pad, or a Smart Card to generate one-use keys for two-factor system authentication. CryptoCard released their Macintosh software token product two years ago, and won MacWorld Best In Show in 2004. Many large companies integrate CryptoCard authentication into their access cards, which makes sure employees heading to the snack room must close out their computer session and take their authentication card with them (at least if they want to get through any doors).

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