How well do you know your partner?
Source: Help Net Security - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Cryptography For those of you who follow the news, you may have read the recent story of spy software discovered at some of Israel’s leading companies which reads just like the spy stories we’ve been reading for years. The imagined villains are in fact the victims, but more importantly the problem of spy software being prevalent in Israeli companies came as a result of one of the most comprehensive investigations involving computer crime ever undertaken. The Trojan had been introduced by providing companies with contaminated files, or sending a contaminated e-mail message to the companies. This also raises concerns that this evaded all the security measures in place at the companies infected.

Today our businesses depend on the exchange of electronic information with our business partners but many of the mechanisms that are used still rely too much on the goodwill of our business partners, or the integrity of the systems that they use.

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