Software is just one component of security
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security Here’s an important lesson for everyone, whether you run Linux, Solaris, Windows, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, or MS-DOS — your customers’ data isn’t very secure when tapes carrying sensitive customer data go missing in transit. In this particular case, one wonders whether transporting physical media is the best way to transfer sensitive customer data from Citigroup to Experian. It certainly makes one wonder to find out that the tapes had been shipped on May 2, and it wasn’t noticed that they’d gone missing until May 20.

Citigroup’sKevin Kessinger said that they were moving the tapes using " an enhanced security procedure we specified and developed with (UPS)," but what about procedures on Citigroup’s end to track and follow up on the package?

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