A Tale of Two Hackers
Source: Wired.com - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Hacks/Cracks Lapping up the sunshine here outside a downtown cafe, Kevin Mitnick is apprehensive. He never asked to be the world's most high-profile convicted computer criminal, he says, and he's sick of media interviews dwelling on his criminal past.

"But ... that's how you make your money," interjected Alexis Kasperavičius, Mitnick's longtime friend, business partner and one-time co-conspirator.

Basking in anonymity with relaxed ease, Kasperavičius offers a sharp contrast to Mitnick's tense reserve. Although he felt the pull of computer break-ins as a teenager, and even tagged along with Mitnick on some jobs, he says he quit before he got into serious trouble.

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