Fedora Directory Server Now Available To The Open Source Community
Source: LinuxElectrons.com - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Security The Fedora Project, a Red Hat-sponsored and community-supported, open source collaboration project, today announced at the Red Hat Summit the availability of Fedora Directory Server. By making Fedora Directory Server freely available to the open source development community, Red Hat is enabling and encouraging the development of secure, enterprise technologies and providing customers and partners with increased choice. The availability of Fedora Directory Server licensed under the GPL underscores Red Hat's true commitment to open source innovation.

Fedora Directory Server is a highly scalable LDAP compliant server that provides infrastructure security and manageability by centralizing application settings, user profiles, group data, policies and access control information into a networked-based directory. Management is further simplified by features such as multi-master replication and automated recovery. Administrators have the ability to improve security of networks by deploying a single authentication source.

"We applaud Red Hat's continuing commitment to Open Source and to supporting so many great projects like Fedora Directory Services and OpenLDAP to the benefit of Linux users everywhere," said Marty Heyman, President of Symas Corporation, a leading provider of open source LDAP technologies. "Symas sees great opportunities for community development of significantly improved Identity Management capabilities for all LDAP users."

Freely available to the worldwide development community, the Fedora Directory Server project will grow both the adoption and technology evolution of a proven, scalable identity store. With upcoming releases of new offerings, Red Hat will provide solutions based on these technologies for enterprises desiring fully supported, mission-critical identity management infrastructures.

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