Sentry CD - A different firewall approach
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Firewalls If you want to set up a Linux-based firewall, there's no need to run a bloated distribution that installs everything but the kitchen sink. If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, and like having total control over your system, then Sentry Firewall CD (SFCD) is just what you need. It is a highly configurable, bootable CD that takes a minimalist approach to firewalling.

The hardware requirements for SFCD are minimal: a 486 or better processor, a BIOS that can boot from a CD-ROM, and a minimum of 32MB RAM, with 64MB recommended if you plan to run a firewall/router/DNS server. If your box meets those stringent requirements, head over to the SFCD Web site, download the latest ISO image, and burn the ISO file to a CD.

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