Using a Network Analyser as a Security Tool
Source: IT Observer - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Intrusion Detection Every administrator of a corporate LAN of any size these days has already built strong defenses against hackers and virus attacks. But the viruses and hackers continue to get through. Why?

Anti-virus and IDS systems are designed to prevent the incursion of known viruses and attacks. The hackers and “script kiddies� have the same access to all the threat bulletins and Windows patches that you have, and are always looking for the new vulnerabilities. In short, your firewalls and operating systems often won’t get a patch until the damage is already done. Imported disks, deliberate actions by employees, and visitors bringing infected laptops are some other weak spots in your security system that perimeter defenses alone cannot address.

A good network analyser can both help you detect when breaches have already occurred, and make the cleanup/recovery far less painful once a breach has been identified.

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