Software Industry on the Brink of Choosing Open Source
Source: Linux Insider - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Security Many computer experts agree that computers are less vulnerable to hacking and virus attacks when they run Linux software rather than Microsoft's Windows.

"What is the most important issue for us is, which is the most pragmatic business model for customers?" said Shirish Netke, an executive at Aztec Software in India.

"In this context, it is interesting that we are seeing a lot of governments that are very interested in open-source software," Netke said.

Now, the adoption of open-source operating systems is being pushed by the South Korean government.

South Korea, which leads the rest of the world in high-speed Internet penetration, is turning to open-source software and building a new software industry to compete with companies like Microsoft.

As part of such efforts, the Ministry of Information and Communication said earlier it would provide a total of 3 billion won (US$3 million) this year for government agencies that want to use Linux and other open-source computer programs.

"I think the government's role is to promote a competitive market in the software industry," said Ko Hyun-jin, president of the Korea Information-Technology Promotion Agency, an affiliate of the ministry. The agency is playing a major role for the government agencies to adopt Linux software on their desktops.

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