VeriSign to put more backbone into the Net
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Wireless Security VeriSign plans to significantly increase the number of DNS servers it operates, a move that it says will make a key part of the Internet's infrastructure more resilient to cyberattacks.

Over the next year, VeriSign aims to place additional replicas of one of its Domain Name System root servers--the "J"--in up to 100 data centers around the world, Aristotle Balogh, VeriSign's senior vice president of operations and infrastructure, said in an interview with CNET on Thursday. The company runs two of the DNS root servers--the "A" is the other--that form an essential part of the Internet's naming system.

Ultimately, VeriSign intends to have machines handling traffic sent to the "J" DNS server in more than 200 additional locations, a shift from its original strategy of having a few servers in several data centers at key Internet hubs. The company currently runs "J" replicas in 18 facilities, Balogh said at VeriSign's annual financial analyst event here.

"This expansion provides redundancy and reliability, and specifically deals with the increasing attacks we have out there," he said.

The extra DNS servers could make the Internet infrastructure more resilient because even if some machines are downed by a hacker attack, for instance, others will still function.

VeriSign is not the only organization to run DNS root servers on multiple systems. There are 13 official root servers, which are currently run on about 80 different physical servers, Balogh said.

"We are going to triple that," he said.

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