Keeping kids from succumbing to 'the dark side'
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Security Edward Ajaeb got his first taste of steganography in sixth grade, when he set up a Web site for his teacher's husband to showcase his master's thesis on the subject. By then the Utica, N.Y., youth had designed Web sites for a couple of years, a side business he'd developed in the fourth grade.

This spring, the 16-year-old sophomore got even more involved in sending hidden, encrypted messages by using a tool he downloaded off the Internet. He also tried to break into a wireless network and learned what computer cops look for during a forensics investigation. All under the watchful eye of the U.S. Air Force, which helped host what some say is the nation's first residential cybersecurity camp for high school students.

"I wanted to learn different kinds of career options, and it turns out I did learn there are a whole lot of choices," Ajaeb said of the first Cyber Security Program for High School Students held this spring at Mohawk Valley Community College.

That's just what organizers wanted to hear following the weeklong, federally funded camp that exposed 28 talented teens from central New York to a field with unique staffing challenges.

"To one degree, this whole program is about antihacking," explained Ronald Cantor, dean of the community college, which is a satellite campus of the State University of New York and is located next to a technology business park and Griffis Air Force Base's cybersecurity research laboratory. "During part of the course, we talk about legal and societal structures and the ethics of computer hacking."

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