The Propaganda War
Source: IT Director - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security Linux has gradually become the standard OS on the server and is probably destined to become the desktop standard too. It might seem premature to say this, because the statistics from IDC and other market analysts indicate that Linux hasn't overtaken Windows on the server yet and it does not even have a significant share of the desktop market. Nevertheless, the contest is almost over. The tide is running in Linux's favour. It will take its time to come in, but it will not be stopped.

What is happening is akin to several technology switches that have happened before. All of a sudden, in the late eighties, the mainframe market dried up and died. At the beginning of the 1990s, the Digital VAX market morphed from high fashion to heart failure. These market switches appear to happen suddenly, but in reality they don't. The first thing that happens is that the "usurping product or technology" gets a psychological hold on the technology buyers. A large number of them gradually accept that they will become adopters at some point.

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