Hyper-Threading Considered Harmful
Source: Colin Percival - Posted by Pax Dickinson   
Host Security Hyper-Threading, as currently implemented on Intel Pentium Extreme Edition, Pentium 4, Mobile Pentium 4, and Xeon processors, suffers from a serious security flaw. This flaw permits local information disclosure, including allowing an unprivileged user to steal an RSA private key being used on the same machine. Administrators of multi-user systems are strongly advised to take action to disable Hyper-Threading immediately; single-user systems (i.e., desktop computers) are not affected.

I presented details of how to exploit this security flaw at BSDCan 2005 in Ottawa on May 13th, 2005. For those who were unable to attend my talk, I have written a 12-page paper, Cache Missing for Fun and Profit, discussing this flaw and related problems, both realized and theoretical.

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