Security players shoot an all-in-one
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Intrusion Detection Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems and 3Com's TippingPoint division are integrating a trifecta of security features into all-in-one appliances that give partners new ways to help cut the cost and complexity of security solutions.

The new wares combine firewall, VPN and intrusion-prevention capabilities in a format that promises proactive, easy-to-manage network protection, the vendors and solution providers said.

This week Juniper is shipping a long-awaited module that adds integrated intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) to its ISG 2000 appliance, delivering up to 2 Gbps of intrusion-prevention throughput and 1 Gbps of VPN/firewall throughput. NetScreen Technologies first launched the integrated security gateway with firewall and VPN features last April, days before the completion of its acquisition by Juniper. At that time, the company said the IDP module would ship by the end of 2004.

3Com also has plans to roll out new appliances in the fourth quarter that introduce TippingPoint's intrusion-prevention technology to the SMB market, said James Freeze, vice president of global marketing at 3Com, Marlborough, Mass. The forthcoming TippingPoint 1 and TippingPoint 10 appliances will also include firewall and VPN functionality, he said. 3Com has not disclosed pricing.

John Chambers, president and CEO of Cisco, San Jose, Calif., played up the importance of integrated network security last week at the Interop conference in Las Vegas as he unveiled the Adaptive Security Appliance 5500 series, combining integrated firewall, VPN and intrusion-prevention capabilities into a single platform. This will help reduce the number of devices required to secure a customer's network, Chambers said.

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