OS makers: Security is job No. 1
Source: ZDNet India - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Host Security That's the attitude of operating system makers, who aren't just focusing on features such as snazzy graphics and better networking tools when revamping products. Now they're also providing sturdier defenses.

Novell's recently released consumer OS, SuSE Linux Professional 9.3, is built on open-source underpinnings. Executives from the company said that even though the design of its products might be more transparent than that those from Microsoft or Apple, Novell's approach to security is likely similar to that of its proprietary rivals.

"Whether its Linux, Tiger or Longhorn, you have to treat security as a process rather than a state," said Roman Drahtmueller, Novell's Linux security architect. "It's not going to be only a feature or solution or a product that can make your environment or network secure, it's about the procedures and processes regarding how software security is treated in general. We may think that Linux does a better job of that, but I believe all the vendors are looking at security in this manner."

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