Moving IT management to a new paradigm
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Security IT management software ranges from hundreds of point solutions to huge integrated bundles for high-end enterprises. Aiming for a target in between is Robert Fanini, co-founder and CEO of GroundWork Open Source Solutions Inc., a startup in Emeryville, Calif., that has built its simple, low-priced IT management package on open source code. In this interview, Fanini explains how open source will open the eyes of now-doubting chief information officers (CIOs).

The simple answer is that open source, by its nature, is designed, influenced and constantly modified for universal use and application. To do this, inputs and outputs to the open source system are typically based on the most widely accepted standards or, at the very least, the protocols for these interfaces are open, defined and published. Also, because the source code is freely available, users can easily modify interfaces to send and accept information of a variety of formats. This allows for ease of integration with existing systems, tools and data.

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