Netcraft Phishing Site Feed Available
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Security Netcraft launched an anti-phishing system at the start of 2005: people install a toolbar and effectively become part of a giant neighbourhood watch system whereby the most experienced members of the community can report phishing sites and effectively block them for the rest of the community.

Some 5,400 unique phishing sites have been detected and blocked to date [late April 2005] and the community has been widely featured in the media from the Washington Post & Wall St. Journal through to Slashdot.

Netcraft is now making available the list of phishing sites reported by the Toolbar community and validated by Netcraft as a continuously updated feed suitable for ISPs, hosting companies, enterprises, and other companies that operate mail servers and web proxies, or network monitoring systems.

The feed can be used to prevent customers and employees from succumbing to phishing attacks and presents an excellent opportunity for ISPs to win new customers and to reassure existing customers by taking a proactive stance against fraud by providing phish-free web and mail.

Well constructed phishing mails often get through conventional spam filters as they may carefully mimic bona fide communications. According to Verisign, between 3-5% of people receiving a phishing attack have given away details of their bank accounts.

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