In praise of Gentoo
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Host Security On the server end, you get the best release schedule in the business for security updates and bug fixes. On the desktop, you get the latest and greatest packages (if you enable 'beta' packages to be used) like KDE 3.4 (which I'm running), with awesome openGL support, and a nicely compiled nvidia driver. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

If you havent' had the opportunity to try Gentoo, bust out fdisk, create a nice partition for yourself, set aside about a week (two if you'd like to have a nice rounded out system), and try out Gentoo. Don't worry about the 'set aside a week' part -- you need only a week for build time. You'll need about an hour or two to set things up and get the ball rolling. Once everything starts compiling (like gcc, glibc, the kernel, etc.), let it go and learn the handful of new commands that every Gentoo user relies on on a daily basis.

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