Viruses 'a thing of the past'
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Security No longer are antivirus experts as concerned with attention-grabbing viruses and worms causing mass destruction. Instead, they're hot for the bot.

A quarterly report released today by California-based McAfee Corp. noted says the "steady increase in Trojans and bots continues to grow while mass-mailer viruses taper off." It confirms similar findings reported last week by Russia-based Kaspersky Labs and in March by Cupertino, Calif-based Symantec Corp.

"Botnets are the greatest threat to the Internet as we know it," according to Kaspersky's report. "They stimulate the creation of new malicious programs as they require constant refreshment, both in terms of new malware and new zombie machines to extend the network. Detection and prevention of botnets should be a priority for both the IT industry and end users, since the future of the Internet depends on coordinated action now.

"Experts say millions of bots have been secretly installed on PCs, creating multitudes of malicious programs awaiting commands from a herdmaster. Vinny Gullotto, vice president of McAfee's Oregon-based Antivirus and Vulnerability Emergency Response Team, said the creation of botnets is motivated by money. "Attacks will become more subversive to steal data or use your machine for adware," he said. "Forget virus attacks -- they're a thing of the past. Bots, rootkits, Trojans and other surreptitious methods will rise. "

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