Firefox Flaw Publicity Good for Open Source
Source: EnterpriseLinux - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security Projects Publicity surrounding the JavaScript flaw shows “the open source system is working,� said Greg Minchak, an analyst with the Open Source Industry Alliance. “The open source community swarms to a problem the moment it’s made known.�

The imperfections in Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox Web browser should not be seen as disturbing problems but as opportunities to show the system works, according toopen source Latest News about open source advocates. A controversy erupted over Firefox security Latest News about Security based on a report from the Danish security firm Secunia Latest News about Secunia, which said an error in Firefox could allow hackers to gain sensitive information.

While some software experts question Mozilla’s ability to patch up vulnerabilities in a timely way, others say the whole point of having an open source community is to address problems without having to have developers reside under a single roof. So far, open source software, such as theLinux Latest News about Linux OS and Firefox application, have been marred with fewer hacking episodes, but security professionals point to the fact that open source products are not prominent targets of attack -- yet.

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