Security top reason IT pros consider Linux
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Security Security concerns are the main reason IT managers consider switching from Windows to Linux on the desktop - but the cost of migration and compatibility issues remain significant barriers, according to a new study.

Concerns about Windows security vulnerabilities and the high cost of keeping Windows secure were named as the top motivations for moving away from Microsoft's ubiquitous operating system in the online survey of nearly 1,700 IT professionals by analyst house Quocirca.

Dale Vile, service director at Quocirca and author of the report, told the former is "more a soft or intuitive concern" and "the real issue is how to keep [Windows] secure in the first place - and the cost associated with that".

At the same time, the greatest barriers for businesses making the move to Linux on the desktop are the cost of migration, compatibility with existing systems and whether all the necessary software will be available for the platform.

These last two are part of the reason why Quocirca recommends organisations consider a selective approach in deploying Linux.

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