Sued for finding security flaws?
Source: HTMLFixIt - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security In late March we mentioned that Sybase were making threats against a security company about disclosure of security flaws they found in Sybase code and a French company that took a security researcher to court and had him fined 5000 Euro. Going from this Register story, it looks like Sybase and NGSSoftware are going to settle their dispute amicably, but it really does bring into view a point that many in the Open Source community have been trying to make known for ages.

It seems that most Commercial companies would very much prefer it if you only gave them security flaw research and didn’t reveal it publicly at all, but the problem with that is there is nothing in it for the security companies if they do this. The current standard procedure appears to be to tell the software vendor first, then wait for a predetermined period before publicly releasing your findings.

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