Phishers spread net for smaller prey
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Hacks/Cracks Phishers are moving away from big banking institutions and heading for smaller targets, according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).

In its study of phishing activity in February the group found that, while four out of five attacks were still on six major banks, the number of smaller organisations being targeted is rising fast.

The APWG monitored attacks against Amazon and, as well as local financial institutions like Bank of Dubai and Royal Bank of Canada.

"Attacks on the bigger brands are on the decrease," said Mark Murtagh, technical director of Websense, which provided much of the data for the report.

"While a huge number still go for big brands, smaller firms and non-financial institutions are being increasingly targeted. It's about increasing the probability of a successful catch, and the returns on that catch."

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