Take the initiative on security certification to meet the demands of corporate partners
Source: ComputerWeekly.co.uk - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security Multinational companies invest a lot of money in IT security and increasingly expect smaller partners and suppliers to demonstrate the same level of commitment. IT security experts speaking at the RSA Security Conference last month predicted that large companies would in the future specify minimum security standards in contracts before doing business with their suppliers.

Many smaller businesses are generating much of their revenue from fewer large customers. Losing this business because sufficient IT security could not be demonstrated is not an option.

So what can IT directors do to balance the need for a demonstrated level of IT security while reducing the time spent on random security audits requested by potential business partners?

One mechanism to ease the pain is using standards such as BS7799 and ISO17799 (the international version of BS7799), which provide an internationally recognised best practice security model.

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