Linux riskier than Windows?
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Host Security Companies face greater risks if they run their Web sites on Linux rather than Windows, a Microsoft-funded study has concluded. Last year, Web servers based on Windows Server 2003 had fewer flaws to fix than those based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3 in a standard open-source configuration, researchers said in a paper released on Tuesday. Moreover, the study indicated that the Microsoft-based Web server had far fewer "days of risk"--a measure of the number of days that each vulnerability is known, but unpatched--than the open-source rival.

"All this study can do is give people pause, to say they shouldn't go with common wisdom over which platform has more security," said Herbert Thompson, one of the three authors of the paper and the director of research and training at Security Innovations, a security applications company. The common belief is that Linux is more secure that Windows.

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