Novell's Linux desktop migration enters phase two
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Vendors/Products The Waltham, Massachusetts-based software vendor's Linux desktop migration began in 2004 and overachieved on its phase-one goals, the company's chief information officer, Debra Anderson told ComputerWire. The fact that Novell had just acquired Linux specialists Ximian and SUSE Linux and was making the transition to become a Linux vendor obviously helped, but Anderson is still stepping up the pace to ensure that Linux becomes the company's default desktop operating system.

"This year we're moving more aggressively," Anderson said. "We want to get 100% of Novell on a Linux desktop, including dual-boot, and the second part is to drive a single Linux image and have 80% by the end of the year turn off Windows."

The company has already made the open source productivity suite its default office suite ahead of schedule, and now has 83% of employees actively using it on a daily basis. A voluntary migration also saw the company beat its goal to get 50% of users onto Linux by the end of October 2004.

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