French Ministry of Education and Research and Mandrakesoft
Source: TechnologyNewsDaily - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Vendors/Products Mandrakelinux products cover needs from the desktop (with the PowerPack) to critical infrastructure functions (with the Multi Network Firewall). The Multi Network Firewall operating system is able to control access to both an organisation's private intranet and the public internet. Mandrakesoft products are part of the software library which has been selected to modernize the infrastructure of France's education system. As well as the applications themselves, Mandrakesoft will deliver technical support and training to staff.

A spokesman for the Ministry explained: "Aside from the cost savings allowed by Linux, this agreement aims to encourage the use of software solutions that are based on open standards and can be easily integrated into public standards-driven infrastructures. The ability to modify or customize the applications purchased is important to us."

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