Why you should perform regular security audits
Source: TechRepublic.com - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security Want more advice for locking down your network? Stay on top of the latest security issues and industry trends by automatically signing up for our free Internet Security Focus newsletter, delivered each Monday! In less than a decade, Internet security has evolved from an almost esoteric topic to become one of the more important facets of modern computing. And yet it's a rarity to find companies that actually consider information security to be an important job function for all workers--and not just the IT department's problem.

Unfortunately, it's the general opinion of most companies, particularly at the management level, that their computer systems are secure. However, one of the only ways to determine whether this is actually true is by performing a thorough audit of computer systems. But most companies don't make it a habit of performing regular security audits, if they perform them at all.

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