Insecure ISP Support Is No Help at All
Source: EWeek - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Security Hello, this is officer support of the ISP Police Department. You say you're worried that someone might try to steal your car? OK, I'm going to try to troubleshoot this problem for you, but I need you to do two things. First, I'm going to need you to bring your car down so we can check it out. But I want you to park your car in a poorly lighted lot in a shady part of town. Trust me, we handle this kind of thing all the time.

Now, this second part is very important: When you get to that dark lot, you'll need to leave your car running with the doors open. Yes, that's necessary for us to be able to check for problems. After you've done that, walk over to the police department, which is several blocks away from the lot (did I not mention that earlier?), and we'll try to help you out in the next few hours.

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