OsAudit v0.1 (log gathering, monitoring and analysis) Available
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Host Security OsAudit version 0.1 is available for download. OsAudit is a complete system for log gathering, monitoring and analysis. It has two different running modes: server and client. In client mode, OsAudit will read the logs and forward them (encrypted) to the server station. In server mode, OsAudit will receive external logs from the clients or from any other device that can send remote syslog messages and analyze them. OsAudit uses (right now) 3 different methods to analyze the logs...

It begins analyzing the logs against the FTS (first time seem) database. The FTS is only used for some specific logs (like sshd connections, su usages, sudo, snort rules, etc). For example, every time a new user log in to a system, the FTS will fire. It will cause some false positives in the beginning, but after one or two days it will become very usefull to detect a lot of possible intrusions. The same thing to snort logs. Most false positives messages will stop after a few hours and only "new" problems (probably not false-positives) will be notified.

After the FTS analysis, OsAudit will analyze the logs against the generated statistics. If for example, during the Sundays the average number of logs received between 9pm and 10pm is 500, and during one day it receive 600, an alert will be generated. OsAudit will analyze the logs against the average logs for the hour and for the hour/weekday combination.

The last step in the analysis in the rule matching. All OsAudit rules are in the XML format and are very easy to manage. We have more than 60 different rules matching many common problems. The currently rules can be viewed in the etc/rules directory.

OsAudit right now can perfectly read and analyze the following logs: syslog, snort-full, snort-fast, barnyard dump_log, apache err log and any other log file that looks like syslog (or are well formated)

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