Ottawa firm touts trustworthy Linux-based security solution
Source: IntegratedMar - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Vendors/Products Ottawa-based Googgun Technologies Inc. (GTI) recently introduced the second version of its Trustifier Linux-based security solution. The solution is designed to protect information systems from internal and external attacks on the network. GTI said Trustifer would protect business applications (and therefore users) from themselves. Whether buffer-overflow vulnerabilities, stack-execution attacks, malicious code or buggy programming, Trustifier can cage it in, disallow its operation, or silence requests for privileged operations. Administrators can specify which applications get what privileged operations, and have them do those in confinement of time, data and repetition.

"Trustifer offers military-grade trust and security," said Ahmed Masud, CTO and co-founder of GTI. "It takes 10 minutes to set it up and the user doesn't even need to know Linux to deploy it.

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