Hackers targeted by high-level system
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Vendors/Products Running on Windows, Linux or Sun, Defiance TMS was made up of four elements. Defiance Monitor acted as the intrusion detection system (IDS), which would let IT staff monitor for threats. Defiance Gateway was the core IPS protection element, backed up by A Defiance Management Server to store logs and other security data, and the Defiance Security Console for system unified administration.

Desai was keen to emphasise the system’s “Intelligent Escalation? technology, which made it possible for it to react to a threat discovered at one location by tightening the level of monitoring and protection at other sites without user intervention.

On interesting capability is that Defiance TMS can feed security data into high-level management systems such as Tivoli, potentially making it the first product that can give companies a unified view of security issues across different layers of the network from perimeter to application. To date, this has been one of security’s problem areas - having to run multiple systems in order to monitor security across a network and having to reply on primitive SNMP traps at that.

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